We're Young Hearts

Fast and technical punkrock with lots of modern influences and a sniff of the nineties riding on their tail, that’s what you can expect from Young Hearts. After a year of intense writing, this seasoned quintet started tearing stages apart all over Belgium and Holland in 2014.

Young Hearts is known for their powerful and energetic live shows and exquisite songwriting. Because of their explosive mix of singalong punkrock songs and more metal infused guitar riffs, Young Hearts is liked by fans of many different genres. Their unique sound attracted the attention of Thanks But No Thanks records!

In the winter of 2014 Young Hearts started recording ‘Now’s My Time’, a five song EP that was released May. After promoting this EP, Young Hearts crawled back into the Studio early 2017 to record a first full album: ‘In The Middle You’ll Find Balance’. The album was released on March 11th, again at Thanks But No Thanks Records. Young Hearts has shared the stage with Versus The World, Red City Radio, Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, Steak Number Eight, Counterpunch and Implants, amongst others.

After a short hiatus, a line-up change and a COVID pandemic, Young Hearts regrouped in the Penthouse Studio to record ‘Noosphere‘, a 16 song banger of an album. 'Noosphere' will be released on January 20, 2024 at Bearded Punk Records

Ready for a bunch of fast songs? Young Hearts most certainly is!